About Us

Welcome to Shang Pin Hot Pot 尚品火锅!

We’re a modern restaurant in Marina Square that serves authentic Chinese cuisine with passion and precision. Our delicious hot pots are both traditional and tantalizingly flavorsome, this thanks to fragrant soup bases and the use of top-quality ingredients. Guests can dine with us and sample a gourmet range of fresh seafood, meat and vegetable produce. Our menu has a diverse range of fillings and includes many signature items like beef omasum, spicy pork, cuttlefish, handmade tofu, egg pork dumplings, and fresh aorta. We also specialize in Sichuan dishes and recommend trying our most popular spicy soup base or the Chongqing-style noodles.

We invite you to visit our contemporary restaurant within Marina Square on Raffles Boulevard, which boasts a minimalist design and floor-to-ceiling windows. The dining room is spacious and the relaxing atmosphere is approachable, this alongside friendly service from our trusted staff. A meal out at Shang Pin Hot Pot is perfect for any occasion and we look forward to seeing you soon.